Children of the Sun

by Seabright

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written and recorded by justin from march-august 2012


released August 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Seabright Seoul, South Korea

seabright is the solo project of san jose resident justin morales. swanky synths and skittering, solid beats swirl and chime, far off guitars and bittersweet vocal stylings sigh and stutter, creating a contemporary sound that feels like fond regrets recalled in the pleasant warmth of the california sun. ... more

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Track Name: sweep away
and you walked outside

the world was open wide

seen through blurry eyes

the cost of certified.

where did you go to?

looking all around for you

i stopped to change the view

im on from green to blue.

coming to your side

i want to spin the tide

among the cherry eyes

the price to synchronize.

there you watched the tune

amazed by all the luscious june

a walk a silver spoon

im on from green to blue.
Track Name: arise
youre never going to go too far without a soul

im giving all i can. time spans around the road.

youre playing with a mind that wants to fall apart

envisioning a time when we can finally start.

and it goes away, and you find your way.

but i cant see you.


did you want



a wild one.
Track Name: momentary gloom
i know

its on your roll

i cant go impossible

i wont fight unless you might

see me in endless light.

stay put entire pull

liquid reliable

sound on, envision why

voices call and stop it all.
Track Name: april grass
i want to go, i want to fall

into your arms one last time.

then i'll know its time to call

everyone and tell them its over.

its really you, that saw me way out.

i'll ride to you, the same way you fade out.
Track Name: rewind
rewind, i could not find any words to say.

so blind, i go around and to it every day.

stay kind, its just the type of motion we will need.

one mind, in every way you take this part of me.

sent to the tranquil falls

known as the second style,

when you connect it all,

i want to protect it all.
Track Name: garden ground
sing away

gone astray

i never want to take you

all the way, ghost and stray

i'll never want to break you.

there ill find open wide

i never want to take you.

go astray, hide away

i never want to change you.

day dream: i can never find a way to stall you,

maybe we can go a way to climb through

in my heart i never mind your smile.

i seem open up to any thought you conjure

possibly outside the world you stomp on

in my heart i wanted fall oustide
Track Name: asha
until you feel the same

central wonder flame

i wont go away

into open planes.

and every night and way

controls wide awake

burning frozen flame

i will fade away.
Track Name: uncertain harvest
into it, i cant see

into you, another thing.

and love means

the tide winds

and while i lie.

arrival when

a shot climbs

another day.

sail away.